About Me


I’m Alex. I’m a photographer, licensed veterinary technician, and caffeine addict currently living and working in Northern Virginia. I earned my BFA in Photography & Film from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012, and my AAS in Veterinary Technology in 2016. I have been making art, in some form, ever since I can remember. I used to be a starving freelance artist, and now mostly make art for myself.

I live in my hometown of Fairfax, Virginia with my husband, our two cats, and my companion of over a decade - my dog, Frankie. Frankie has spent the better part of his life directly impacting the direction of my life. He was the catalyst behind my career in veterinary medicine, and he remains my most patient photography subject. It’s not uncommon to find me attempting to hold full conversations with him. You can view more of his handsome face here.