Family photos are better with screaming children

How great am I at updating/staying on top of my website and blog!? It's been over a year since I updated anything, BUT I finally cleaned up the site, posted work from recent sessions, and decided to actually sit down and write up a blog post. 

Some of my favorite photos recently are from a family portrait session I did. The kids were decked out in princess dresses, and waffled between showing me their new pet chickens and screaming their heads off. It was fantastic, I couldn't stop laughing, and we ended up with some awesome photos.  

November/December and my apologies for being terrible at updating blogs

I am notoriously horrible at keeping up with blog posts, so apologies for the lack of updates. I've spent most of November and December playing with different editing techniques, and squeezing in photoshoots in the meantime. There was a family shoot, an adorable puppy mini-session, and an engagement session for one of my very favorite people. 

First up is a family session that involved a lot of splashing through a creek and rock throwing. Good thing I wore my rain boots for this one.

Back in September the animal hospital I work for raffled off a mini-session at a fundraiser for a local animal shelter. The winner was adorable Shandy - a scruffy terrier puppy who came prepared for her session all bundled up, with her beard blowin' in the wind. 

I also got to do an engagement shoot for a good friend and coworker that included the entire family (including dogs). I ended up picking my very favorite photos to share here. And yes, that last photo is my favorite one.